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All screenings are subject to the following rules

BAFTA/LA is committed to a policy of punctual commencement of all screenings. To insure that our screenings accommodate the greatest possible number of members and permitted guests, and as is customary with virtually all other screening procedures, some screenings are overbooked. Members are thus reminded to always arrive as early as possible, as seating is on a "first-come, first-served" basis. So that seat availability is equitably shared, members may save only one seat for a guest or friend, which must be either filled or relinquished once the screening starts. Additional seats may not be saved. Members and guests arriving up to five minutes after the film has started will only be permitted to take available seats in the back rows of the theater.

If there is a Q&A following the screening, we urge you to stay. However, if you must leave, please do so promptly and quietly. No photography, recording or taking of notes (other than that which may be undertaken by BAFTA/LA for its archives) is permitted. A Q&A is a non-press event, and thus, if any member or guest considers this to be a conflict, we would respectfully ask you to leave prior to the Q&A.

BAFTA/LA appreciates the time and effort contributed by the talent who participate in our Q&A programs, so please do not delay their exit with personal requests or submissions.

Please turn off your cell phones and pagers before the screening, and no audio or video recording is permitted whatsoever.

Thu Apr 2nd
   Woman in Gold

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Rated PG-13
Running time 109

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Wed Apr 8th
   Clubhouse Evening: Celebrating Editors and Cinematographers

BAFTA Los Angeles is pleased to invite you to the next Membership Clubhouse Evening, featuring a new focus and fresh concept we’ve recently implemented.

In response to suggestions by our Membership, we have introduced a theme to our Clubhouse evenings to ensure that these social occasions are of most relevance and benefit to our Membership.

Following the positive feedback received from our past events, the next Clubhouse evening will celebrate our members working in the fields of Editing and Cinematography.

As a member of BAFTA Los Angeles who has previously indicated to us that you work in this profession, we take this opportunity to invite you to an evening celebrating editing and cinematography, as well as provide a wonderful opportunity to meet other BAFTA Los Angeles members working in these communities.

Members from other professions will of course be invited to join us, ensuring the broad cross-section of our membership is represented at the event.


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Thu Apr 9th
   The Longest Ride

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Rated PG-13

Wed Apr 15th
   Seminar: Why We Like

Presented as part of our commitment to education in our profession. Co-Presented with SAG Foundation.
In this fascinating exploration of the inner, psychological mechanics of ‘social’ Patrick Mulford will examine the four reasons four reasons (yes there’s only four!) that people use social networks, and why the film industry will ultimately need to understand them in order to survive.

Wed Apr 22nd
   Far From The Madding Crowd

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Rated PG-13
Running time 119mins

Wed Apr 29th
   Saint Laurent

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Rated R
Running time 150

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